Response09: 19th Century

19th century is the age of combination between the old and new style together by prefabrication.
It is like the age of invention of technologies and discoveries.
Not only changes to the new materials and technology of buildings but also present new type of buildings which mainly emphasize around the idea of mass production.  In this era the commercial and public space gets more embrace with architecture, the form and function of buildings will be new and different and it answer to the society needs.

 Cause of discoveries the new materials, steel and glass one of the examples that led to our nowadays skyscrapers buildings is
“Crystal Palace” by Joseph Paxton. It is the exhibition building located in Hyde Park, London.
Using as the first world great exhibition. The interior has no solid walls,
every ceilings and walls are clear and light so and that it did not require the artificial lights inside.

 At this time we also can see some of the beginning of free form architecture, where the shapes isn’t geometric or symmetry anymore. It has no rule, it can be curved, flowing and natural. One of the example is La Sagrada Familla by  Antoni Gaudi,
its an old style building but mix with new elements and various kind of elements, hiding a lot of details.
It is one of the very spectacular building in the future since right now is still working on.
I hope that I will able to see this building in finish version one day.

 The 19th century was very important period of development and discoveries in new techniques, material and combination.
It allows more freedom to people to design and think out of the frame of geometric and simple.
Its time to move on to the time of innovation.