Response01 : Interpretation Weizman’s theory

Since we were young we have been taught about what is right and what is wrong, what is should what is shouldn’t. we eat on the table and we sleep on the bed, this is what ordinary people interpret without knowing the reason why we have to do that, maybe it is because our belief and society. Some family doesn’t mind about having meal in your bed but some do really care, this is what society also be one of the factor that make us interpret things.

In the article Lethal Theory by Weizman, the IDF blew the wall and use it as an entrance so they will be safe inside. the meaning of ‘wall’ that people (also me) thinks it safe, static, strong and we can’t walk through has changed. It reminds me of movie called ‘World War Z’, it is the story about Zombie disease spread into the world and Brad Pitt need to find the vaccine to prevent it. In the movie one of the country in middle east built a big wall to protect them from the Zombies, Inside the wall people is happy and celebrating that they’re the only country that survived but it is not because soon the Zombies can find the way to climb and destroy the wall. This made me realize that what we believes is not always true, and what we have been told is not always right. 


Maybe we can stand on a chair instead of sitting, we can sleep on table and eat on bed. meaning everything is depends on what we interpret and believe. In the future somehow people will use each thing differently from each other, someone will sleep under the table or taking bath in the sink (that must be very funny hahaha). Lastly for me I think
“All meanings, we know,  depend on the key of interpretation.”- George Eliot


3rd year

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