Response04: Hyper-reality and Borat

Hyper-reality is a situation when what reality and fiction are blended seamlessly. It is in between simulation and reality. This made me think about plastic surgery somehow, we want people to think that the artificial is real. We want others to see that it is nature. Some people are completely changed their face and body but no one knows that it is artificial, for example the K-pop singers they are all handsome with perfect shape of everything in their face by plastic surgery, but most of people (including me) still thought that it is nature. So what is reality? Are we living in the hyper-reality world?

In the class, we were given the example of this theory through the movie called “ Borat”. It was very funny and hilarious movie about simulation of Kazakh journalist travelling around USA to film recording the interview and interacting with Americans. Borat looks very real, he made everyone thought that he is actually come from Kazakhstan, even though he is not and no one even knows where Kazakhstan is exactly. The movie made us thinks that Kazakh people are all like Borat. He act very serious in everything, that’s made we laugh because we were all thinks that it is real which I believe it is not. American people in the film don’t questioning his fakeness because of Borat’s action was so realistic even though it is an awkward and funny. For me he is kind of olden countryside people that come into the city and act what he thinks is right.

 The hyper-reality of this movie made us questioned that is the Kazakh people are really like this? Why they’re no manners? Are Americans people were a part of the film or not? It is tried to make us believe that the unreal is real, just like the plastic surgery. 



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