RESPONSE05: empty form – empty space

Empty form and empty space is it different? What is empty form and space anyway? Why we define it empty if it still has value? This is our topic for discussion this week. For me I think people define it ‘empty’ because we interpret that it doesn’t function anything, not the space is empty.

‘Empty space’ is a space that was designed from function, so it hardly to use as other function. It limits people activities and interaction with the space because of the design that created for particularly one or more function. But ‘Empty form’ is the design that doesn’t use the function as the main factor because they want people to adaptable and fill the activities inside. Empty form is flexible, it can changes through time depends on people. One example of the empty space is the Crown hall by Mies van der Rohe, the building fail to be the empty form, which Mies wanted in the first place due to the materiality and finishing of the building limits the people from all activities. So in the end it become an empty space that no one use. Another successful example of empty form is The Jewish Memorial by Eisenman. It is the memorial monument to the murdered Jews but there are no visual sign that refer to death at all obviously, so people come and use this space in various ways. Then it became the flexible area that people can do anything that they can imagine without the limits. For me I think this kind of theory is very cool to use in our studio project, since it can interact with people and it can adaptive depends on people and time. It kind of we design the real space for human to use not only for one purpose but also to every purpose that they can figure out.


Memorial monument of Jewish at Berlin : it adaptable and flexible depends on people and time.


Crown Hall at IIT.


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