What is the difference between place and space? I’ve thought it was the same thing until I’ve learnt about this “place and space” theory. From my understanding, space is like an open undefined area or a volume of unlimited dimensions. Place is a point in space when the dimensions are more or less known and also it derived from how people experience and perceive it. Place can be described by human action and perception, for example when you see the building with full of high school students walking around, you will probably guess that it is a school or an extra tutorial school. But if you graduate from this school you must say that it is your second home or maybe a memorial place? So place can be defined also by human memories or experiences.


In the film Powaqqatsi, it showed the transformation of place by people usage.  As we can understand from the dirt mountain that a hundred of people walking up and down carry something. At first we might think the mountain is just a view or a panorama but later when we saw this hundred of human, we can predict that maybe it is a human labor for build something in the mountain? Also the film showed different context with human movement, how it change the environment or context of the place. It made me think that sometimes place and activities is completely not get along to each other but because of the activities itself can give us a clue of what the function of this place.


And again as I mention before, human perceptions is very important to describe places because once you experienced or have some memories with that place you will not able to describe it as an ordinary ‘space’ anymore because your brain were already remember and it will create nostalgia feeling whenever you come to this place. 



Aesthetic is pertaining to a sense of the beauty, but how can we judge what is aesthetic and what is not if it depends on people thought and feelings. Aesthetics in the past people judged by following the majority opinion, so it become a trend and everyone thought that it’s beautiful. If something is different from others then it not, this is what people in the past think and also nowadays people do. In the class Aj.Taylor showed us the photo of Miss Korea that everyone looks like they’re all twins. It made us know that in Korea they thought that if have face like this is it is beautiful. From this public idea that judge about aesthetics it made me think about the movie called “Mean Girls” that there is a girl gang in school that they think they’re pretty and the perfect girl in school. When new student move in, she wants to be friend with this group so she have to change herself to be like one of them. She has to dress like them, make up and speak like them. So this is like what social effect to people perception about aesthetic.


In modernism people thought that the glass box building is aesthetics like we can see from “Play time” movie last year showed by Aj.Taylor. People in that period dress in dull tone because they are told that it is beautiful and they don’t have anything to compare with. But after people are getting bored of this plain and simple thing so they change into what is contrast. And it will be like this again and again follow what people in that period interest. So what is the true aesthetic? I think we can’t conclude the style because it is dynamic, it changes all the time like trend.


Sacred is some thing connected with gods or dedicated to a religious purpose. When its come to religious, as we all knew that it is very high and untouchable. We can’t do bad things to these sacred object or places, but it depends on what people interpret and perceive anyway. In the past we warship god by their grand and beautiful sculptures but nowadays people use gods in cartoon or movie version so it become more less sacred than before. In Thai society we believe that temple is very sacred place, we have to speak good words, dress polite and follow the rules inside. But now we have Starbucks inside the temple structure, if we look from distance we all will think that it is a temple but if we look carefully it is a coffee shop inside. So we can see that nowadays people play with sacred a lot.



The concept of profane is to play with sacred places, it kind of make away of the god by make a thing that untouchable become ordinary. And sometime it doesn’t have to be only sacred thing, it also to the high-end stuff or precious things. For example Andy Warhol brought art down to the ordinary by make the Campbell soup can into expensive artwork.

For me, I think profanity depends on human perception because some people really don’t play with sacred stuff and there are some that really don’t believe or don’t care about religious. However I think to profane something we should at least be study before use the element or structure of the sacred thing because it will come up with a fail project that everyone critics. We should study and develop the idea into appropriate design.