Sacred is some thing connected with gods or dedicated to a religious purpose. When its come to religious, as we all knew that it is very high and untouchable. We can’t do bad things to these sacred object or places, but it depends on what people interpret and perceive anyway. In the past we warship god by their grand and beautiful sculptures but nowadays people use gods in cartoon or movie version so it become more less sacred than before. In Thai society we believe that temple is very sacred place, we have to speak good words, dress polite and follow the rules inside. But now we have Starbucks inside the temple structure, if we look from distance we all will think that it is a temple but if we look carefully it is a coffee shop inside. So we can see that nowadays people play with sacred a lot.



The concept of profane is to play with sacred places, it kind of make away of the god by make a thing that untouchable become ordinary. And sometime it doesn’t have to be only sacred thing, it also to the high-end stuff or precious things. For example Andy Warhol brought art down to the ordinary by make the Campbell soup can into expensive artwork.

For me, I think profanity depends on human perception because some people really don’t play with sacred stuff and there are some that really don’t believe or don’t care about religious. However I think to profane something we should at least be study before use the element or structure of the sacred thing because it will come up with a fail project that everyone critics. We should study and develop the idea into appropriate design.


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