RESPONESE: 12 Things

What is thing? Why it is very important for us? In the lecture we saw the film name Dawn of Man, the ape is showing the sign of evolution, the sign that shows that in the past once we were all apes. Yes, it’s the bone that the ape was shaking.

Bones are thing, a thing that made us different from other animal. I think things are very essential to human it is like a tool for us to do something that other species can’t. There was a funny picture that imitate Charles Darwin theory of human evolution by adding things in, and we are all sees that human is survive because of tools and tools are kind of symbol that shows that how much we are developed.


 Nowadays things also can define human somehow. As you can see from the society that we are now living in the world of materialisms, price of things become a factor for judging people, person who wearing a brand name cloth is richer than whom wearing tshirt.  In architecture field things also influence a lot in designing form and function of the building. I think architecture is one kind of thing also, its produce convenience to human and also give identity. Honestly I think people right now is using things incorrectly (including me lol ) we are attracted by the aesthetics of things for example mobile phone, the real function is to contact with others but we are looking for the one that more function, more beauty and more cool. I think we should not let things become this important in our life, we must use things to provide our convenience not for showing off.



I think Deep ecology is about everything in this world is connected to each other in some ways; everything got their own system to survive.  I believe that everything in this world is linked like a network if too much or without something, its not going to be good.  In our real life we’re living in cycle, we born, live, die then we born again. The cycle is infinite and it is going to repeat forever.

The idea of systematic and cycle is quite good for me, since it is an order and reasonable. But if we already have a system in a place, doesn’t it mean that we are living in Utopia? Are we? I think no. Because we are still killing and things are keep dying. Utopia is an ideal place that every system in that world is too perfect and every living thing is living happily together. But Utopia is like the reflection from the mirror that it can only be viewed but never be touched. Nowadays eco system is already changed because of human. We face the natural disaster situation because we are too much consuming and we are just one little species in this system so the whole system is unbalanced right now because of human beings only thinks about themselves, they think that if everything are enough for consuming then it must be a Utopia. But no it is not if we don’t start to care other lives in our system.




From my understanding, utopia is an ideal city that perfect in everything so people can live there happily. In the contrast way dystopia is represent of like totalitarian governments, poverty, pollution and fear.  

 After watching The Hunger games I think the movie can show very well in difference of Utopia and Dystopia city. The Capitol, the capital of Panem acted as a Utopian society since the seat of power is here. Citizen of the Capitol is extremely wealthy and unconcerned with the poverty of surrounded twelve districts that ruled absolutely by the Capitol, They just enjoying a mass entertainment like the Hunger Games.  The twelve districts is acted like a resource that export their products to serve the Capitol, so it made many districts face with the poverty issue and not enough food to feed their citizen. For me the twelve districts are like a Dystopia society because they are under controlled of the Capitol strictly. In the movie you can clearly see the huge difference city between District 12 and the Capitol through Katniss journey and we can see also the relationship between these two societies that the Capitol citizen thinks that they’re higher than the districts people by set the rule of The Hunger Games that the citizen of Capitol can not be a tributes of this game, only the twelve districts can. So they think they can play with the tributes lives and enjoying this crazy game every year without any feeling to against it. In the end of the movie I think Panem is a dystopia even though the capital city is a utopia but the kingdom is separated in 2 classes of people and its not balancing, people hate each other, they don’t care to others lives. In the future it must be something happen because of this too different society, the district people maybe fight against the Capitol because of their sons and daughters must died every year because of this crazy game or some of the district are run out of resources?

Lastly I think Utopia and Dystopia is depends on human perception, maybe the district life is already a utopia for them rather than stay in the Capitol.