I think Deep ecology is about everything in this world is connected to each other in some ways; everything got their own system to survive.  I believe that everything in this world is linked like a network if too much or without something, its not going to be good.  In our real life we’re living in cycle, we born, live, die then we born again. The cycle is infinite and it is going to repeat forever.

The idea of systematic and cycle is quite good for me, since it is an order and reasonable. But if we already have a system in a place, doesn’t it mean that we are living in Utopia? Are we? I think no. Because we are still killing and things are keep dying. Utopia is an ideal place that every system in that world is too perfect and every living thing is living happily together. But Utopia is like the reflection from the mirror that it can only be viewed but never be touched. Nowadays eco system is already changed because of human. We face the natural disaster situation because we are too much consuming and we are just one little species in this system so the whole system is unbalanced right now because of human beings only thinks about themselves, they think that if everything are enough for consuming then it must be a Utopia. But no it is not if we don’t start to care other lives in our system.


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