RESPONESE: 12 Things

What is thing? Why it is very important for us? In the lecture we saw the film name Dawn of Man, the ape is showing the sign of evolution, the sign that shows that in the past once we were all apes. Yes, it’s the bone that the ape was shaking.

Bones are thing, a thing that made us different from other animal. I think things are very essential to human it is like a tool for us to do something that other species can’t. There was a funny picture that imitate Charles Darwin theory of human evolution by adding things in, and we are all sees that human is survive because of tools and tools are kind of symbol that shows that how much we are developed.


 Nowadays things also can define human somehow. As you can see from the society that we are now living in the world of materialisms, price of things become a factor for judging people, person who wearing a brand name cloth is richer than whom wearing tshirt.  In architecture field things also influence a lot in designing form and function of the building. I think architecture is one kind of thing also, its produce convenience to human and also give identity. Honestly I think people right now is using things incorrectly (including me lol ) we are attracted by the aesthetics of things for example mobile phone, the real function is to contact with others but we are looking for the one that more function, more beauty and more cool. I think we should not let things become this important in our life, we must use things to provide our convenience not for showing off.


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