Dialogue: GET REAL!


(hypereality and simulation)

Toy story movie is a simulation movie that shows that toys are alive. So we use this movie as an inspiration to get along with the concept of Get real! that everything is not real nowadays including toys that can talk.


Praewpailin Srisangnam (5434790525)

Napone Chinwanakit (5434758525)



Parametrics is a new architecture style after modernism; the style is dynamic and influenced from organic forms. It is quite new for everyone to see architecture is not a square building. The Parametricism is look like randomly but it’s not, it use the surrounding sites and parameter to create a flow form, 

The joints are all different from each other, it is custom made some how. The architects use computer program to calculate and to build the form such as Rhinoceros, Maya and etc. So the Parametric building is design for only one particular site.


 Besides the example of architecture, I’ve found that nowadays people are like to be different from one another. We are not in Modernism anymore that everyone is using the same things because it is the era of mass production, but now everyone can have their own custom made in almost everything such as cars, cloth, food (we can order in the way we like). In the present day Parametric plays a large role in our society. All of our interests is different and its become a marketing in computer or website company. For example in the class, we tried to search the word ‘Jordan’ but the result are different some got Jordan as a country and some got Michael Jordan. So the marketing is customize according to how people wants and interest, as we can see from Youtube website that in the homepage it will shows the clips that we might interests for me it is a Asian drama but for my brother is a Hiphop singer Music video. So people are not the same anymore in the era of Parametricism.